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Golden Isles Sitters is a service designed around today’s busy family. We make finding reliable, trustworthy sitters easy. We also place qualified nannies, and other domestic professionals according to your family’s individual needs. We are located in Coastal Georgia, midway between Savannah and Jacksonville. Our service areas include the city of Brunswick and its four barrier islands, St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island, and Jekyll Island.

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Child Car Service Fees:

Golden Isles Sitter's Service Fees:

With our services, we will provide a childcare sitter who will fit the needs and schedule of your family. 
We offer the following services: 
Full-Time Nanny Placement
Part-Time Nanny Placement
Temporary Nanny Placement
Newborn Care Specialist
Temporary Weekend Care
Occasional Babysitter
One-Time Sitter
Overnight Care
Weekend Care 
After School Care
Before School Care

*If you need something more tailored to your needs, 
we would be more than happy to discuss other service options. 

On our scheduling calendar, you can select your preferred sitter or allow us to select your sitter based on availability and your needs.
There is a required three-hour minimum for all scheduled sittings services. You do not have to use the full 3 hours.  
Daily Sittings:
The sitter's rates start at $20 per hour for up to two children. For three to four children, the rate becomes $25 per hour. If you are requesting one sitter for five children, the base rate will be $30 per hour. However, for five or more children, we strongly encourage scheduling two sitters. Having two sitters in place will ensure a safe environment. Additionally, the rate for two sitters will remain at $20 per hour per sitter.  There is a $5 placement fee per hour associated with all services. 

Overnight Care Sitting
The sitter's base rate per hour plus the overnight care charge of an additional $100. 

*Rates are doubled during the holidays

Included in the sitting fees are light housekeeping (cleaning up after children), administration of medication, and playtime. Should there be additional services required, please let us know in the notes section for the calendar or in your follow-up email(s).  If you need to call our office, please select that option from the email and schedule a good time to discuss your needs further and any additional costs that may be applicable.  
All monies should be paid directly to Golden Isles Sitters.
Gratuities are graciously accepted.

Once you complete your application, Golden Isles Sitters will contact you and discuss your family's needs and expectations. 


Before you can schedule services, you must fill out our short application and submit your annual registration fee. This charge will cover the cost of ensuring you receive the best and most qualified sitter for your family. Golden Isles Sitters is dedicated to recruiting experienced sitters, students from our local colleges, and young professionals. Over the course of our selection process, we will conduct a pre-screening, in-person interview, complete a background check, and verify references. Further, all candidates are required to be CPR and First Aid certified.

There is a placement and scheduling fee per service, which are daily fees charged to the credit card on file. The placement fee is a charge for finding and placing the most suitable sitter in your home. The scheduling fee is to ensure you have a sitter for your requested days. Our prices are inclusive of all fees.

Text Check-In Fee: This is an optional service fee that you can opt-in to receive photos and/or videos via text.


Rush Fee: If you request services with less than 24-hour notice, there will be a $25 charge.


Cancellation Policy: If you cancel with less than 24-hour notice, a $20 cancellation fee will be charged to the credit card on file.


Kindly Note: Before you schedule services on our calendar, you will have to fill out and submit your application. You can view schedule availability but will not be able to submit your request without an application on file and a registration fee. To fill out the form, scroll below or click here.

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Golden Isles Sitter's Holiday Menu


Golden Isles Sitter's Holiday Menu

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day

Valentine’s Day


Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Our Sitters:
Our carefully selected sitters are committed to sustaining a safe and caring environment for our families. To find the most trusted and dependable sitters, we look to recruit qualified and experienced sitters, nannies, local college students, and domestic professionals according to your family's individual needs. In addition to our process, we conduct pre-screening and in-person interviews, complete background checks, verify references, and require all candidates to be CPR and First Aid certified. We are committed to tailoring our services to your family's needs. 

Kindly Note: 
Calendar scheduled times are for 2 children; any additional children will be billed separately at $5 per additional child per hour.
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